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Welcome to the first edition of The London Wellness Guide – your ultimate guide to food, fitness, mind, body and soul.


Our mission has been to compile and review the fantastic assortment of places around London shaping modern perceptions of wellness and personal wellbeing. We have energetically scoured the city to bring you the best venues, activities and spaces for a healthier, more proactive lifestyle. This guidebook meanders from meals to meditation and high-intensity interval training to health food stores. Specially designed to keep you on your toes, the chapters purposefully hop from juice bars to ballet bars and handle bars, in order to share with you London’s multi-dimensional world of wellness. 

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s great to see cafes, delis, restaurants and juice bars embracing a new approach to their menu, one that’s fresh and natural. Fast food is no longer synonymous with processed food, the game is changing and we’re all learning that we are a product of what we eat – so we need to eat well. The places featured in this guide have been chosen not only for their healthy, feel-good food, but also for their ethos and atmosphere, their ethical values and friendly customer engagement.


And for those looking to get in shape, whether you’re searching for classes in ballet, boxing, or an interesting fusion of the two, we’ve left no gym tyre unturned in our quest to find the right training space to put your stamina to the test. The fitness section inside this book demonstrates how diverse the sector is and how fun and innovative workouts are becoming. You now have in your hands the go-to guide to find luxurious health clubs, empowering yoga sessions and snazzy dance studios that suit your style.  


Just as there is plenty to get your heart pumping, there is also plenty to slow you down and give you that much-needed time out. London offers a world of opportunity, inspiration and excitement, but at times it can also feel crowded and out of your control. The spas, wellbeing centres and meditation spaces in the Mind, Body, Soul section show you where you to find serenity and calm within the hustle and bustle of this big city.


This book also features a curated range of fascinating articles authored by industry experts, covering topics such as: gut health, the journey of yoga, starting a blog and the importance of sleep. We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our contributors for their knowledgeable and insightful articles. Not simply a guidebook, this is a manual and a point of reference for those looking to make positive changes to their London lifestyle.


Enjoy the journey of discovery upon which you are about to embark!


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